Southampton Recorded Music Society

SRMS Online programme

In November 2020, we started an ongoing series of online meetings via Zoom. All of our online meetings take place from 3:20 - 4:45pm on Friday afternoons and are currently running once every three weeks.

Anyone who wishes to attend these meetings should contact David Anderson at 023 8076 0299 or to obtain the required Meeting ID and password.

20 Nov 2020
Short presentations from Martin Grossel, Chris Topley and David Anderson to test out the suitability of Zoom for SRMS online meetings.

11 Dec 2020
Dr Martin Grossel addresses the topic of 'Autumn in Music'.

15 Jan 2021
To mark the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth, SRMS Vice Chairman Chris Topley makes a tribute to Beethoven with a focus on works involving the piano.

05 Feb 2021
SRMS Chairman David Anderson presents a random choice of some personal favourites, using extracts from both SACD and Blu-ray recordings.

26 Feb 2021
Diana Tizzard presents a talk entitled 'Inspiration and Imitation'. Given her background as a piano teacher and as the page turner for many famous pianists at the Turner Sims concert hall in Southampton, her choice of music for SRMS presentations has often focused on the piano, but on this occasion Diana has chosen a wider variety of musical genres.

19 Mar 2021
Throughout most of her life, Bridgett Vane has been closely associated with the world of ballet. This afternoon she presents a talk on the work of the choreographer Sir Kenneth MacMillan, who succeeded Sir Frederick Ashton as the presiding genius of the Royal Ballet.

09 Apr 2021
SRMS President Michael Jameson makes a very welcome return with a talk on Paganiniana - the adventures of Caprice No. 24, and a survey of some of the many works derived from it. Michael's presentations have always been one of the highlights of our season.

30 Apr 2021
John Cottrell has planned a presentation entitled 'Forgotten Firsts?', based on the proposition that the first symphonies of some major composers have been unjustifiably neglected.

21 May 2021
Last November, Dr Martin Grossel gave us a talk on music inspired by autumn. He follows that seasonal theme with a programme devoted to music inspired by spring.

11 Jun 2021
SRMS Vice Chairman, Chris Topley, is keeping his cards close to his chest with a presentation entitled 'The Vice Chairman’s Choice'.